About Grounded

Well balanced and sensible.


In high school, I was obsessed with making my own graphic ts and stenciling my hats and jackets with whatever I thought was dope at the time... Mostly my crew's name. B-boying sparked the idea of representing your crew by displaying the crew name all over your garments. Later down the road, I realized that my crew extends outside of hip hop and originates on 4th & State. It originates during the weekends spent in Copalis Beach. It originates from the friends I was raised with, the friends that I've met along this journey we call life.


So, what is Grounded? Grounded is the crew, my crew, that I proudly represent. My crew is my family and friends, acquaintances, and people that I haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet. You all keep me grounded, and in a time where it's easy to lose sight of what made you who you are, it's a blessing to know that I've got all of you.  


Grounded, the brand, is a representation of you. Where do you come from? Where are you going? It's a constant reminder—a mental note—to never forget who you are.


Represent yourself. You're worth it.