First Fridays

Downtown Bremerton. Home of the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.... and surprisingly, a lot of cool local businesses. We just moved downtown back in September and hadn't heard about 'First Fridays' until we experienced it last week. For the first time in a very long time, for me, it felt like the city was ALIVE. Every business you walked past had customers either shopping or patrons enjoying the entertainment. Most businesses had a musical guest serenading the crowd while others had gatherings to celebrate new beginnings. And that's where we started.

Bremerton Letter Press

I came across an event on Facebook called "Faux First Friday" which was hosted by The Bremerton Letterpress Co. I figured, hey.. I live a block away so I might as well check it out, and I'm glad I did. I walk in and run into a familiar face, also known as my girlfriend's 'sister'(who's really not her sister, but they do have a strikingly similar resemblance). She then introduces me to the owner who greeted me with hospitality and showed me where the wine and snacks were. She failed to mention that there was ice cold beer that was also in that cooler, but since my nose was tingling, I knew a beer couldn't be far... Needless to say, a very cool start to a Friday night.

I crack a Rainier, thinking to myself, "this is fucking cool!" As I venture into spaces I think were probably meant for employees only, I just couldn't help but dream of when my time comes. I made sure to take a picture of every nook and cranny so that when I launched my new website, the one you're currently reading, it had an interesting and content-healthy blog to go with it!

Bremerton Letterpress Co.

Bremerton Letterpress Co.

So, what is the Bremerton Letterpress Co? Well, I don't know much, but I do know what they're doing is a lost art and it's very inspiring to see something so timeless end up in my backyard. I also know that it's well put together, it's cool... 'It' being the 'it factor' some may refer to it as. This makes me increasingly more excited to work with them!

Grounded at The Bremerton Letterpress Co.

After soaking up inspiration from a newly formed local business, I made my way over to Wobbly Hopps Brewery along with my friend, whom most, if not all of you know him as Jireh. I've been there before, but the hours are so random that it felt like the first time and it was the definitely the first time it was packed! Nearly every table was occupied and they even had a "DJ" playing music for this special occasion.

Wobbly Hopps Brewery

It's places like this that really make it easy to see that Downtown Bremerton is on its way to becoming the happening spot in Kitsap County just as it should be. We have the feel of a Capitol Hill area, but we just need to occupy all of these vacant spaces and put amazing businesses in them. Easier said than done, I know. 

Anyways, I got myself a pint of Hopping Mad (I love IPA's), found a spot to chill, and absorbed the environment. Again, my mind going wild with ideas and business ventures. I wasn't lying when I said Downtown Bremerton is eminently inspiring. 

Wobby Hopps Brewery

Wobbly Hopps Brewery

Next stop! Bremerton Bar & Grill, or "B-Bag" as my neighbor puts it. Anjelica finally meets up after her extended nap (she's going to kill me) and we had to get some grub in. I had accidentally forgotten to eat lunch, so the beer hit me faster than normal... Not a bad thing! (lol) I was so hungry that I didn't even take any pictures! Anyways, Bremerton Bar & Grill is a cool spot to hang. It's one of the more popular spots downtown, mainly because there aren't many "nice" restaurants within walking distance (other than Anthony's). The only thing I can say is that they have 'Steak Night' on Sundays for $5, but unfortunately, you will easily spend $30. As DJ Khaled would say, "Don't play yourself." (Especially because you can get a steak from Horse & Cow for $5.99 and those things are delicious!) Anyways, back to First Fridays!

Foggy 4th Street, Downtown Bremerton

After we left Bremerton Bar & Grill, we headed towards LoveCraft Brewing Co. and as we are approaching Fourth Street, we notice an influx of foot traffic. It turns out that the Admiral Theatre was putting on a "Celtic Nights" show (not pronounced like the NBA team apparently, lol) and it had just concluded. At that moment, Downtown Bremerton felt like a real city, a city with excitement going on every night of the week. A city that has people crawling around the streets til 2:30 am! Yes! The city I have been longing for has arrived; I'll drink to that!

LoveCraft Brewing Co.

LoveCraft Brewing Co.

LoveCraft opened sometime around Thanksgiving and I have had the pleasure of drinking their beer ever since. It's literally half a block from where I live, so I'm surprised that half of my paycheck hasn't gone to them. There's still a possibility that it'll happen. LoveCraft is cool. It has that Seattle Hipster vibe to it and I mean that in a good way! Everyone always associates a "hipster" as a bad thing, but to me, I see it as someone who pays attention. Anyways, it is a very cool brewery with an excellent IPA. I've had the pleasure of consuming the U.S.S. Eldridge IPA on more than one occasion and I am very fond of it.

Anjelica playing Jenga at LoveCraft Brewing Co.

As Anjelica and I were enjoying our locally brewed beers, we decided to play some Jenga. (I won both times because I'm nice with it, but who's keeping track?) They closed at 10 pm, but the girl working told us that we could hang out for a bit which was cool. So, we did just that. We enjoyed our beer, causing a ruckus as the tower of Jenga blocks tumbled over and continued to crash all over the bar and onto the bar floor. 

LoveCraft Brewing Co.

After causing a scene, we decided to get out of the girl's hair so that she could close up and go home. As we walk out of LoveCraft, we notice that the streets were empty.......... I guess we're not there yet. But! For that little sliver of time, there was a glimpse of what it could be. With all these great businesses popping up, why can't it be? Downtown Bremerton is on its way to great things. With the addition of Tim Uomoto's "Another Castle: Arcade Edition" bar, hopefully opening at the end of this month, you can see that not only First Fridays will be lively, but every Friday as well(Hungry entrepreneurs, let's get some new businesses open!). I am dedicated to doing what I can to make that happen. SO! To all of my friends and family, and to all my potential customers, come check out First Fridays at the very least. I promise you'll have a good time. See you February 5th!

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